Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The news called it!

After a mere 10% of the Country's votes were counted, the election was announced in favor of Barack Obama. I guess all the media outlets are lucky they didn't get it wrong again. It must be a big gamble to guess like that, but that's the kind of news quality we expect in this country... 10%. Anyway, I was still happy to hear it.

Here in Washington, only 45% of the polls are counted, and Gregoire is being declared the winner by a margin of a couple percent.

I was happy to hear they will be building new light rail systems to serve the Seattle Metro area. I really hope the 405 corridor is high on the list... I know that Renton and Overlake Transit Center are high traffic bus routes, and traffic on 405 always sucks... even the carpool lane is slowed down to about 45mph.

It's now legal for assisted suicide in Washington; under the conditions that you are terminally ill, and three doctors agree.

Most of the parks in Western Washington are going to be re-designed.

Same sex marriages are illegal in California.

It seems like a really big deal... Democratic Senate and House. Democratic President... it seems like things may be a little different for the next few years. Hopefully.

Last but far from least is the Free the Airwaves project got the Thumbs up from the FCC! This is an issue that I have really been excited about for like 6 months! It will pave the way for a whole bunch of new wireless technology.

Anyway, I guess I'm telling most of you stuff you've heard too many times... and will probably hear a lot in the coming weeks, but I just wanted to say it.

Anyway, I must get back to work.