Friday, November 14, 2008

Jaanicam 2.0!

so, for today's webcam, I have Jaanicam 2.0... why 2.0? because I just installed new software that allows me to do a whole bunch of new stuff!  for example:

  • Create time-laps videos of what my webcam saw each day
  • a 2 frame-per-second refresh rate
  • It only saves images when motion is detected
  • supports multiple webcams
  • and if I ever get a camera that has a motor, it can use the motor to track objects
What wonderful software can do all this?  it's called motion.  a totally awesome open source app that not only adds new functionality to my webcam, but still preserves my old way of doing stuff... and it even does the old stuff better too!

So, that said, now you know why today's web cam is the Jaanicam 2.0

There is just one problem... and it is kind of a stupid thing I did wrong.  you see... when I was configuring the program to copy the video for the previous day to the web server folder... I accidentally named the file .swf... because I thought it was going to use flash video format... however, it turns out it the program makes an mpg...

so if you download this file here ... you have to change the file extension to mpg of windows will freak out! (linux really doesn't care what the file extension is... well, maybe I should say totem/gstreamer doesn't care.

anyway... so, If you download today's time-laps video of yesterday, then you will have to rename the file to something.mpg (instead of TodaysTimelaps.swf)

Anyway, that's my update for today.  remember to check back here... later tonight I'll add a link under the webcam picture to the properly named mpg file...