Thursday, November 13, 2008

Two more webcam sites...

So, in an effort to maximize the number of ways you can look at my web cam (BTW there are 3 so far...) so that makes more way for you to look out the windows of my apartment... or watch Jaani sleep... or if you check out my webcam at around 10pm EST you may even be able to watch me sit around...

However, the two sites I am talking about are my Web Cams Google Sites page and my Commute Cams Google Sites page.

Web Cams page: this page watches the Mountain passes, Seattle, and Hurricane Ridge.  Which has looked beautiful all day!

Commute Cams page: this page shows all the traffic cameras between my house and my work.  So, you can see what kind of traffic I am dealing with any time you want, but mostly so I can see what traffic is looking like before I leave to go either to work or home.

In addition to that, you may have been wondering what my web cam has been looking at... well, I am going to use my twitter feed to document what the camera is looking at and when... which you can read my twitter feed on the sidebar at the right.

So, I guess all that being said, I will call this an entry!  Later tonight I want to try and get a sunset picture of Hurricane Ride.