Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I am patriotic! I got my sticker!

So, I went over to the carpenter's Hall and I got my sticker!  I had to wait for it too.  There actually wasn't a line, I just walked right in, and signed up.  Then, the person who was in charge of the Diebold voting machine was having trouble.  Apparently they didn't know that the votes were stored on the machine's removable memory card, and the card that each individual uses is merely used to track the ballot number.  They also didn't know the voting machine prints a paper copy of each person't vote at the time of voting.  Oh boy... anyway, so after the guy spend a half an hour trying to set the card for my ballot, I finally got to vote.  Then they gave me my sticker... because you know, that's the only reason anyone puts up with this stuff... for the sticker!

Anyway, so I'm happy.I was so happy that I took a picture of myself, and now... I'm late for work, so I gotta go catch the next bus to OTC (Overlake Transit Center) and go get some work done.