Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Family Christmas Party

To, today we had the family Christmas party and it was a fun night.  Unfortunately we were short 10 local family members and 2 extended local family members members due to a combination of poor weather and sickness... plus we missed our beloved 5 long distance family members... However, I am pleased to announce that some pictures are online and I have a time-lapse video of everything that should have been on the webcam.

Here are the pictures...

Speaking of the webcam...  I was having this issue that kept throwing a wrench in the Internet connection... You see, we have a home router, laptop computer, desktop computer, copy machine, fax machine, and huge christmas tree all on one circuit... There is also one more plug on the circuit that we normally don't use and it is in the perfect place to plug in a space heater in the basement... The certain smokers at the party (that don't go out to the garage to smoke) kept going into the basement, cracking the door-wall, and turning on the space heater to keep warm;  that kept blowing the circuit.  As a result, the Internet connection would go down... thus the webcam didn't work very well.  However, for those of you who were disappointed by the webcam not working correctly, I have this time-lapse video of everything you could have seen. I even added some random song as a soundtrack!

I used the song because it was provided by YouTube as this new soundtrack replacement feature... I kinda like it.

So, the party went well, everyone had a good time, and it brings us all 1 day closer to the real christmas, which is just as good as the party, but for different reasons that what makes the party so totally awesome!

That's it for now.