Sunday, December 7, 2008

State of the Frizzlefry Blog Address December 2008

I would like to start by saying thank you to everyone who helped create the numbers in this chart.  Without you, these poor numbers would not be on a chart.

This particular data is comparing the period from April 25 - May 25 2008, with the period from November 6 - December 7 2008.

I have been reviewing the new features in Google Analytics, and I have come to the conclusion that despite the hurting economy, blog readership is up 57.72% in the past 6 months, and the average time spent here on the Frizzlefry Blog is up 164.37%!  These are numbers that you all helped create, and I just want to leave a bit of blank space to appreciate this contribution.

     To continue, The total page views for my blog is up 110.75%, which means that more people are comming to my site and navigating to multiple pages on the site.  And the average pages per visit is also up 33.63%, meaning more people are browsing around.

   Special thanks goes to, which is still my leading referral site and holding strong as they increase their referrals 11.43%. 

Readership in the United States is up 60% meaning that by far most of my readers are right here at home.  One recent change is that the location of most of my readers has changed from Michigan to Washington!  Washington Readership has gone up 243.9%, while Michigan Readership has gone down 21.67%.  Other competitors in this field are California and Flordia, who have seen readership rise 533%  and 400%. 

On a city level, Seattle Area has seen an increase from 0 to 83 views per month(12 of which from Renton), and Redmond has seen a change from 0 to 36 views per month.  Linden is holding steady at 19 views per month, which there is a very possible connection between the Linden hits and the 13 hits from Houghton Lake I had this month.  Also of note, I should thank the increase in visits from Ann Arbor MI (+3 hits; +43%)and San Fransisco CA (+11 hits).

Just to put everything in perspective, my top ten states by total hits from April 25 2008 until today is as follows (out of 1,100 hits total):
  1. Washington - 448
  2. Michigan - 363
  3. California - 75
  4. Not Set - 72 (Must be the government spying on me...)
  5. Colorado - 23
  6. New York - 17
  7. Florida - 11
  8. Texas - 10
  9. Ohio9
  10. Arizona - 9
I am sure this data will be more interesting as time goes on.  I know that from June until now I have been able to learn a lot from these numbers.  Just imagine what there will be to learn next June!

Again I would like to thank everyone for helping create these numbers, and look for my next State of the Frizzlefry Blog address in June when I will compare the first six month of performance, to the second six months of performace!