Monday, December 22, 2008

I knew it! The banks scammed us!

I knew it! The bail out had little to do with helping the general public. It is still impossible for most people to get a home loan... Rates are low, but few people can qualify... plus, now the banks won't say what they needed the billions for.

I also think something is corrupt about the way the congress rushed out a plan to throw away $700 billion as a gift to the banking industry for irresponsible actions, but at the same time, they gave the auto industry a hard time with a loan to save American jobs. Plus, the banking industry is laying off massive numbers of people... so here we are, maxing out our national "credit card" to save the banks that are laying off people, handing out million dollar bonuses, and don't feel any obligation to tell the public why they needed our money. It just pisses me off.

Anyway... I'm very angry at the financial industry.