Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rainy day with a clear night.

So, I suppose there isn't anything particularly special about today. 

I am feeling very bitter about having to use Google sites for my home page.  It has poor functionality.  It doesn't support Javascript or Iframes.  They want people to use gadgets, which is just a pain in the @$$!  I don't want to re-write my site to work with their restrictions, however I can't justify hosting a site that will support everything I want.  I just don't have money to throw away on that right now.

Who knows if I ever will feel like that is a necisary expense.

anyway.... other than that, I've been throwing together stupid little logos for my google sites page, and putting together a theme for the page.  So far things are going well, but I just keep hitting these stupid little problems... like if I use the automated tool for changing the site text color, it doesn't change the paragraph color (so I had black text with a black background for all of my headings...

That and I really have just been hanging around all day.

I saw that the webcam on the chamber of commerce website is finally working 

I also saw that Renton's Cable channel 21 is available to stream online

Other than that... I've just made a few GIMP logos for different pages on my website.  Maybe one day I'll actually write my own script to generate logos for my own sites, but for now the GIMP ones look just fine.

so, that's my day for you... walking the dog, searching for webcams, a little bit of web design, and creating a few logos.